InfinetGlobal is a provider of Internet software and application services. The Company specializes in the design of e-commerce and portfolio web sites at affordable prices which enables small to mid-size businesses to compete in today’s global economy. The Company also works with businesses to develop software technologies that will enable them to efficiently utilize a broad array of network-based services. The Company also provides point of sale systems, network installations, broadband installations, Internet marketing services, and Internet based software development. President and CEO, Michael Slater, co-founded InfinetGlobal in October 2002 with a vision of delivering real-world information and services anytime, anywhere. InfinetGlobal is currently based in Cape Coral, Florida and has plans to expand throughout the United States.

Today, as the number of people accessing Internet information and applications continues its rapid growth, so does the array of devices and networks used to connect to these services. Companies that once considered themselves providers of telephone, television, wireless communications or Internet services are now seizing the opportunity to expand their offerings to include commerce, communication, information and entertainment services, among others. InfinetGlobal’s suite of integrated services help give companies a competitive edge by allowing them to quickly and cost-effectively deploy innovative new services to their customers. InfinetGlobal services are designed to establish tighter customer relationships, attract more customers, and open up new revenue streams.